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To schedule an author visit with Jarrett at your bookstore, conference, library, or school email him at brownbatheart (at)

"All of our K-2nd grade scholars loved Jazz for Lunch! and were even singing along with Jarrett and actively participating in his reading. What a wonderful way to bring joy and normalcy back to our school after such a challenging year."

                                                                                       -Kristen Denison, Chief of Advancement and External Affairs,                                                                                              LEARN Charter School Network, Chicago, IL

"We were fortunate to welcome Jarrett Dapier to our school.  He read his book, Mr. Watson's Chickens, to our 2nd and 3rd grade students.  He shared the inspiration for his book (a dream), the writing process that brought his idea from a dream into a reality and shared with our students how reading this text was a dream come true.  As we inspire readers and writers to grow their ideas and persevere through the writing process, this was an inspiring visit for our students and educators!"

                                                                                       -Michelle Cooney, Principal, Lincoln Elementary School,                                                                                                            Evanston, IL

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